About Us

Pure Botanica. Pure Plant. 

Pure Botanica Company started out of a passion to introduce High Quality, Pure Botanicals to the world. Our family has been using them for centuries to treat ailments and improve health!

Botanical Distillates are used as an alternative way to enhance health, instead of the traditional herbal supplements currently on the market. These products come from organic farms and mountains, where many of these products have originated from and have been naturally growing for centuries. They are the ultimate source of the plant. It is truly a privilege to introduce these high quality products to the world.   

Our Mission

Pure Botanica is on a mission to help people live naturally happy, healthy lives using plant- based products.  

We care deeply about our company's impact on our customers and our environment.

We work with farms that provide fair pay to women and offer free child care.  Additionally, the farms we work with use sustainable farming practices to ensure their ecosystems are enhanced and not compromised.

Our plant-based functional herbal distillates are high quality, 100% organic & natural, without any additives or preservatives, cruelty-free, and of course, Vegan.  

We pride ourselves for ensuring sustainable farming, reducing waste and giving back to our world. 

Many of our products are known to improve Mental Health. We also proudly donate to Mental Health organizations. 

We want to be a company you love and are proud to support! 

Thank you for being here! 

With Love,

The Pure Botanica Family 

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