Organic Premium 100% Rose Face Mist


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This Magical Mist is 100% Organic Pure Rose Distillate, Triple Concentrated, and made specifically for the Skin. 

Tightens Skin. Reduces Pores. Makes you Glow. And it’s the ultimate Anti-depressant.

Studies show Improved Mood with every spray!  


★ Hydrates, Tones, Firms, Tightens Pores ★ Improves Mood. Alleviate feelings of Anxiety and Depression

★ Soothes skin caused by Rosacea and Eczema ★ Anti-Aging Effects

★ High Anti-Oxidant Properties ★ Anti-Bacterial properties: fights bacteria, cleans infections, help heal wounds faster ★ Reduces Skin Redness and Swelling around Acne

Ingredients: 100% Organic & Natural Distillate of rose petals from the Damask Rose. 

How to use: Spray on your face throughout the day. Uplift your Mood and Beautify your Skin! 

 EU Certified Organic

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