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Feel Good. Vibrate Higher. This Mood Enhancing collection of Pure Damask Rose includes our Award Winning Organic Rose Face Mist, Organic Premium Concentrated Double Distilled Rose Water and Organic Premium Dried Damask Rose Buds.

The Damask Rose (known as the Queen of Roses) has been used for thousands of years to improve skin hydration and texture, externally. As well as to boost serotonin levels in the brain to improve mood and make you happy!  

Health Benefits of Damask Rose:

★ Anti-Anxiety ★ Anti-Depression ★ Anti-Aging ★ Antioxidant

★ Eliminates Free Radicals in the body and renews cells ★ Anti-inflammatory

★ Improves Heart Health

This beautiful package includes:

Organic 100% Rose Face Mist

Ingredients: 100% Organic & Natural Distillate of Rose Petals from the Damask Rose.

Benefits★ Hydrates ★ Tones ★ Firms ★ Tightens Pores ★ Improves Mood ★ Alleviate feelings of Anxiety and Depression

How to use: Spray on to face throughout the day. Uplift your Mood and Beautify your Skin! 

Organic Premium Concentrated Double Distilled Rose Water

Ingredients: 100% Organic & Natural Double Distillate of Damask Rose.

Dosage: 2- 3 tablespoons per day. Can be added to Water, Tea, Coffee, Milk or Smoothie. Drink to your health! 

Not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Organic Premium Dried Damask Rose Buds 

Ingredients: 100% Organic & Natural Dried Damask Rose Buds.  

Internal Use: For light flavor and hypnotic relaxation, these edible Rose Buds can be used in Teas, Drinks, Smoothies or Sprinkled on yogurt and other foods.  

External Uses: Use in Bath to soothe and relax and also soften skin. 

   EU Certified Organic

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